Photo Weekend!

Friday and Saturday turned out to be really beautiful days in Melbourne. The photos below are from the beach near my boyfriend’s place. We got some fish and chips and ate it whilst a crow attempted to dive-bomb us numerous times for some food. Sadly for the crow he didn’t hold out long enough and flew off before we had finished.




This is probably my most favourite beach ever. It’s quiet, it’s calm and it’s beautiful. As it’s hard to get to by public transport, there’s usually not too many people there at any one time. It also has some amazing rocks to look at and really good places to go scuba diving (not that I’d know but my boyfriend and friends have told me it’s really cool). I’m looking forward to spend a few more days over summer there now that my boyfriend is back within walking distance of it!

On Friday night I went to see British India with my best friend but we stopped at Mama Babas first for dinner. The food was amazing. We ordered so much but it was well worth it. The wine which is below was so amazingly smooth and its been photographed with a mini parma burger. We were sitting looking into the kitchen which was really cool. Mama Babas is primarily a pasta bar so make sure you have a bowl. Servings are big so sharing is a good idea!


My boyfriend gave me these for Easter and I’d forgotten about them and as I was rummaging through his drawer, I found them again. Just as I was craving chocolate!


So today I’m in bed til now, boy made me breakfast in bed (poached eggs on toast) and I just finished watching Make It or Break It. Good weekend all round!

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2 Responses to Photo Weekend!

  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend! Still only half way through mine here in the states 🙂

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