Slim Kicker Fitness Trial

I was contacted last week about a weight loss/fitness website called Slim Kicker.

I’ve been on it for about a week now and I must say I really like it. It’s quite similar to My Fitness Pal however has a few extras that I like.

There are challenges that you can participate in and you can also level up when you completed a certain number of points. Points can be earned through tracking your food and exercise, checking in to your challenges and completing challenges. There are also communities that you can join, blogs to read and when tracking food, you can even save your own recipes which saves time. For example, I tend to rotate my breakfast between eggs on toast, eggs on toast with avocado, avocado on toast or weet bix. It’s easy to just save the 4 instead of having to find them each time!

I think the biggest pro for this site is the reward you can give yourself when you level up. So far I’m under the impression that you can reward yourself after ever level, however I have decided (seeing that I am poor) to only reward myself for every second level. There is not limitations to what the reward is but as I’m trying to change my eating habits (I’m a big comfort/boredom eater) I’ve decided that my rewards will not be food or drink based. My first reward will be a new Lanolips lipgloss which is also breaking my Project 50 Pan rule but I need something to keep me motivated. I will purchase this once I get to level 3 and I’ve already worked out I’m going to reward myself with a new skirt for work when I get to level 5!

The biggest con that I have found is that unlike My Fitness Pal, your calorie intake and calories lost through exercise don’t work together. In My Fitness pal, when you log exercise, it detracts that amount of calories lost from your calories in your food habits. So essentially you can eat more to make up for those lost calories if you want to but you don’t have to.

So this is from a day almost a year ago. I was allowed 1260 calories a day without exercise. I earned 524 calories due to exercising so I could consume up to 1784 calories if I wanted. This basically meant that if I did consume that amount, it would be like I didn’t do any exercise and stuck to 1260. However, If I had stuck to 1260 even with the exercise, it would generally mean a very small weight loss amount.

The other thing I liked about MyFitnessPal is that when you logged your food, exercise and water intake, it would calculate how much you would weigh in 5 weeks if you keep up the same pattern which made things really interesting and it was a clearer picture of how you were going.

However, I do like Slim Kicker. I find the website much easier to navigate. I like the Dashboard as it allows me to view my points, how far I have to my next reward and a feed to comment on.

I also like being able to track my nutrition and having a good visual to work out where I’m going wrong.

As you can see, I’ve only inputted breakfast and already my sugar and carbs are high. I’m cheating a little and ignoring milk but I included it as it was a part of breakfast but I don’t include glasses of milk during the day. I also ignore the sugar at times because it is usually due to the banana and orange I have for morning tea so at least they are natural sugars rather than artificial.

I think this site is really good. It’s not the most accurate but it’s close enough to give you an idea of how you are going, what you are consuming and how much your exercises are contributing to weight loss.

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3 Responses to Slim Kicker Fitness Trial

  1. That site seems pretty neat. Is there a mobile app to go with it?

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