Product Review: Biore Combination Skin Balacing Cleanser

I received this 7ml sample of the Biore Combination Skin Balancing Cleanser. Considering it’s a 7ml sample, it’s not huge but I managed to get 4 uses out of it.

When I opened the envelop up I was a bit shocked as I had forgotten that Biore changed their packaging awhile back. Whilst I liked the green I do prefer the new look as I think it’s much more sleek. Having said that, the green gave me the impression that it was more natural based whereas the blue and white looks more clinical but that just goes to show how much colours can influence your opinion based on nothing really.

Honestly, 4 uses isn’t really enough to really know whether it’s suitable but I found it to be quite nice to start with. Nothing super special but nothing that I really hated about it.


It comes out as clear gel and when mixed with water foams up to a nice soapy cleanser.



I have to say that after using the entire sample I don’t like it and it certainly does not suit my skin. My skin felt tight after using it and on day 4, my skin broke out. Sometimes when changing products your skin can break out but I’m not a fan of when this happens because I find later down the track that every so often I will still break out if I miss a day or two of using that specific product. I also found the product too harsh for my skin as I much prefer more natural products. My skin didn’t feel nourished after using it and it felt like all its natural oils and moisture had been completed stripped off.

I really have no overwhelming opinion on it. I’m not going to give a nasty review simply because it didn’t work on me but I will say that I have combination skin and it did not suit me at all. It also hurts like a bitch when you get it in your eye which is not a good thing for me as I tend to remove my eye make up with cleanser instead of eye make up remover.

Having said all that, I do generally like Biore products, just not this one. I like the Anti Blackhead Warming cleanser and I do love the pore strips so as a brand I do like them, I just don’t like this product.

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2 Responses to Product Review: Biore Combination Skin Balacing Cleanser

  1. I read in a book not to long ago that you just find out what your face is like ( oily, combo, etc), then based on that you can figure out what type of cleanser to use ( gel, liquid, foam, etc). I found it really interesting. I think it might of been in the book The Skin Type Solution. Here is a link

    Hope that helps 🙂

  2. xxxMissVxxx says:

    That’s the one I’m still waiting on to be delivered! I’m looking forward to reading it! Also, I ordered and received the Intuitive Eating book by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch. It’s been pretty good so far. Really obvious concepts but it’s amazing how you need someone to tell you these things to really cement them.

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