Intuitive Eating – Week 1

One of the big things about this concept is to allow yourself to eat whatever you want, when you want provided that you are hungry. It’s about letting go of your own concepts of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ foods and to be able to enjoy everything without punishing yourself for it.

This is how my first week has gone.

When I woke up I paid attention to how my stomach was feeling. Was I full? Was I hungry? Did I need water? It’s interesting because I’ve never really paid attention to what my body has wanted in the morning. I made breakfast and did my usual scrambled eggs on toast but I only had one piece of toast instead of two as I wanted to see whether reducing portions would do anything. I shouldn’t have done that though as this period is for experimenting with different foods with no guilt. I went about my day as usual and didn’t feel hungry until about 12.30. Normally I have a morning tea snack and I’m thinking it’s due to me feeling that it’s time to eat rather than because I’m hungry

For lunch I had a sushi pack and I normally finish one for a meal. This time I got halfway through, stopped, checked to see how I was feeling and realised that although I could continue eating, my body was starting to tell me that it was full. Considering it can take 20 minutes for your body to really know it’s full I decided to stop eating and sure enough, I had had enough.

I had a freddo frog around 4 and again I think that’s due to being used to something sweet around that time.

For dinner, I ate salad and chicken and didn’t fill my plate as much and ate all of it. Again I sat and waited to determine whether I was still hungry or not but I wasn’t. I didn’t snack that night either even though I usually have a hot chocolate and piece of toast or something sweet when I watch TV.

Again, I woke up and thought about my stomach. It felt much emptier than the morning before and I’d wager that was because I ate dinner earlier and I ate alot less than I did on Sunday night. Although my stomach felt empty, I felt good. I had two pieces of toast with avocado and a tea and finished that off. I took a bit longer as well as it helps to determine hunger.

I had a biscuit and tea for morning tea as my mouth started salivating at about 11, which again is when I usually eat morning tea. It’s almost like Pavlov’s dogs, when they hear a bell ring, they automatically start salivating – I get to a certain time and I do the same. I had morning tea because I was cold and tea warms me up and I wanted a cookie.

For lunch I had the rest of the sushi and I felt really good after it, not bloated and full like I normally feel. By about 4 my mouth started salivating again but I wasn’t hungry and put it down to habit. It soon passed and I still wasn’t hungry.

For dinner I ate about 6.15 and had beetroot salad, chicken and rice. Normally because I’d had toast in the morning, sushi for lunch and now rice for dinner I would have skipped the rice because of the carbohydrates intake being a bit too much but I ate it anyway because it smelt good and it tasted good as well. And, because I was hungry! After dinner I felt good as my portion was smaller and although I was full afterwards, again I didn’t feel bloated or heavy. Also, I didn’t have any snacks after dinner as I wasn’t hungry but I did have two glasses of wine!

This morning I went back to scrambled eggs and one piece of toast, this time without butter as I don’t really taste it when I have scrambled eggs so there’s not much point in putting it on there. I felt quite heavy after it, despite it being basically the same portion size as Monday morning. Maybe because I’m not eating as much my body is getting uncomfortable with the amount of food I’m still eating? I’m not too sure exactly but I think next time I have eggs I might just have one instead of two and see how I feel. It’s now 10 am and I still feel a bit full and heavy. I also craved fresh orange juice this morning so made myself some and realised that I haven’t eaten an orange since last Thursday. Must be craving Vitamin C. This also ties in with how your body naturally balances out the nutrients it needs by craving.

I had a yogurt at about 11.30 as I was starting to get a little bit dizzy and then had lunch an hour after that. I had crackers with cream cheese and ham on it and normally I have 6 but this time I didn’t. It’s funny, I know I’m going out to dinner tonight and I’m eating better than I normally do. I’m still engaging in some sort of dieting behaviour in that I’m subconsciously eating better during the day as I know I won’t be eating all that well tonight. This is a concept I need to work on – that there is no good or bad foods.

Last night I got home quite late, at around 11.30 pm and stayed up until 1.30 am when my boy got home. By this stage I was starving as I finished dinner about 7.30 but I decided not to eat as I didn’t want to go to sleep on a full stomach. This morning I woke up feeling good and didn’t feel hungry until about 11.30 am. I barely snacked at all and ate meals with the sufficient amount of food for me so I wasn’t overeating or undereating.

Friday was a bit messy as they tend to be. I woke up, made scones and also poached eggs and ate two scones with the eggs. Too much food but it was a case of the eye is bigger than the stomach. I stupidly forced myself to eat it all which turned out to be a blessing as I wasn’t able to meal a proper meal until later that night. I had pizza, one slice too many and felt sick all night. It’s quite amazing the cues your body gives you when you give it a chance.

I had another late night last night where I was awake until 4.30 am watching Make It or Break It. Woke up about 10.45 and made two poached eggs on toast with some cheese. Ate it slowly, paused halfway through my meal and decided that I was still hungry and ate it all. Now I feel comfortably full and not bloated and heavy as usual. Tonight I’m planning on cooking chicken schnitzel with some potatoes so as it’s one of my favourite meals, hopefully I don’t pig out!

Sunday I woke up and wasn’t that hungry but after a couple of hours I was starting to get hungry and had a left over chicken schnitzel and two poached eggs which hit the spot just right! I didn’t snack at all on Sunday and only had brunch and dinner – for dinner I was craving steak and strawberries so I had a spinach, strawberry and haloumi salad with lemon, honey and oil dressing, steak, some corn and a sausage. I don’t really like sausages so I only had a couple of bites and left the rest and same with the corn as I don’t really enjoy eating it.


Overall I think it’s been a good week. I’ve noticed that I’ve cut down on snacking alot as I’m paying attention to when I’m hungry and what I’m craving which makes so much sense when you think about it. If you crave chocolate and instead eat dried apricots, it’s only a matter of time your body starts looking for more food to fulfill that craving and more often then not, you’ll probably end up eating the chocolate anyway, after all the additional stuff you ate to try to satisfy the craving in the first place. I’ve realised that the portions I serve myself are way too big and I’ve just eaten it because I felt I had to rather than because I needed to.

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6 Responses to Intuitive Eating – Week 1

  1. Thanks for sharing your week review of Intuitve eating. I have found that when I did Yoga often, I could really feel / see how I was feeding my body. I also just got the book in the mail. Although, I am prolly going to have to wait until Thanksgiving break to really get into it, school just got pretty overwelming, of course. I will let ya know when I do though!

  2. Ingrid says:

    I love the idea of intuitive eating, it is a really good idea! I too can snack too often but I find that now that I am not scared of being hungry, I do much better.

    Good luck with week two x

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