Product Review: Savvy by DB Nail Polish in Sangria

What can I say other than I love this colour so much (the photos really don’t do it justice).

It is absolutely gorgeous! I picked this baby up at Priceline for $2 which yes, does break my Project 50 Pan rule but this was for a good cause as I’m on Slim Kicker and recently got to level 3 and three nail polishes were my reward to myself.


Excuse the nails, this was before I cleaned them up! I do love the colour. This is the first Savvy by DB nail product that I’ve used and you can tell it’s not a brilliant quality polish. It’s hard to get the right consistency when polishing your finger – sometimes there’s too much on the brush, sometimes not enough. Some nails only need two coats, others need four so I hope it’s just a matter of practice rather than anything else.


Again, I really, really love the colour. The photo above makes it look quite purple which is correct but it’s also a bit more maroon as well.

In total I used three coats as well as a base and top coat. I’ve had it on for about 4 days and it’s only just started chipping as well. As it’s quite thick you can also peel it off quite easily which I love but is so bad for your nails!

I purchased two other Savvy by DB polishes which are glitter based so I’ll try those once I get more nail polish remover!

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3 Responses to Product Review: Savvy by DB Nail Polish in Sangria

  1. What a lovely shade of purple!

  2. Ingrid says:

    It’s an absolutely beautiful colour:) Purple is my favourite colour!

    Well done on reaching your Slim Kicker goal x

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