Intuitive Eating – Week 2

Last week I posted about my first week of Intuitive Eating.

I noticed that I’m eating less, snacking less and can determine more often then not when I’m hungry rather than bored or comfort eating.

This week I’ve discovered that foods I thought I’d previously loved aren’t that great now. Example? Well I love Hungry Jacks and yesterday I only had $5 so I went to Hungry Jacks with a voucher for a Whopper Junior meal for $4.95. I threw the coke out after a few sips because in all honesty, I don’t actually like soft drinks. Normally I would have just finished it as I would have felt like I had to drink it all to get my money’s worth but I didn’t this time. So I ate the rest without being distracted. Just sat, ate and enjoyed. But I didn’t enjoy it. I felt sick eating it. I don’t know if I was just feeling off in the first place but after I ate it I felt bloated and really, really heavy. And it stuck with me all day. And I really noticed it. I still feel really heavy this morning so I had a smoothie and a piece of toast with butter for dinner.

The other night I also went to dinner with my boyfriend and mum and ordered a mushroom risotto. Normally when I go out I order meals that I know are good like the rib eye steak or chicken parma even if I feel like something else. This time I went with what I was wanting and couldn’t have been happier. Not only did I discover a new meal that I loved, I also didn’t finish it all as risottos are quite filling and there is always alot on the plate. Again normally I would have eaten it simply to get my money’s worth but I felt so much better afterwards, satisfied but not sickly so.

I overindulged a bit this week though which is actually the point of the experimental part of Intuitive Eating which is what I’m doing at the moment. It’s about experiencing foods again and discovering whether you really like them or not so although I overindulged in foods. I didn’t with sweets like I normally do because I know I can have them when I want. I actually went out last week and bought a whole bunch of choc fudge bars, chocolate blocks, sesame seed bars etc and haven’t touched them except for a sesame snap. Eating has become quite psychological for me and it shouldn’t be. It should be biological which is what I’m leaning towards. It’s funny, I’ve been craving salads and veggie juices lately which I usually don’t so I think I’m finally starting to hear the cravings my body is having.

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4 Responses to Intuitive Eating – Week 2

  1. wartica says:

    Isn’t that the great thing about eating less because it wasn’t long after giving up all processed foods, that I lost all cravings for junk –for good:)) Great post and I look forward to more tips in the future:)

  2. It seems like you are making more progress! Something I try to do, especially around the holidays or at work with desserts is, ask myself if I have had this item before? If I have then I pass. For instance, with cake or a cookie, I’ve tried these a ton of times, so I really don’t need to again. The only exceptions is like if its from a special family recipe from scratch or something.

    • xxxMissVxxx says:

      Oh that’s a good idea. Most of the time if I’m out I pass up dessert because I only ever want one or two bites and if I order it I end up eating the whole thing even though I don’t want the whole thing.

      I think it’s important to have what you want, when you want within reason!

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