Project 50 Pan – 10 more down!

I had a bit of a shit day at work and when I have a bad day, sometimes I go a little cleaning crazy. So I cleaned my bathroom out last night and decided that I have too many products that I just don’t use. Some have run out but most are ones that I will never use again!


Mineral Eyeshadow 9 Pot: I bought this pot a long time ago and have barely used it. It’s loose mineral powder and I find it very messy to use. I also hate that it didn’t come with an additional cap so instead of taking a few colours, you have to take the whole lot with you. I also purchased a compact eyeshadow kit with very similar colours that is much smaller and easier to use so I don’t need multiples.

Matrix Essentials Amplify Foam Volumizer: As my  hairdresser tells me, products don’t tend to stick to my hair. They just make my hair look very greasy and dirty. I have no idea where this product came from as I don’t think I ever purchased it but I don’t like it, barely used it and it’s time to go in the bin!

 RPR Thermal Defense Spray:  I used to use the RPR shampoo and conditioner and always found it was cheaper to buy the gift packs that come with this spray than to buy the shampoo/conditioner individually. But I don’t like this spray, especially now that I don’t dry my hair with a hair dryer and I also don’t straighten it. When I did use it, it did provide a nice wildberry smell but made my hair look limp and stringy.

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Antiseptic Cream: I bought this when I used to get waxed and found it to be really good for after care. This has now run out and as I no longer get waxed, I won’t be replacing it.

Schwarzkopf Instant Volume Powder: I bought this about 6 months back as my hair doesn’t seem to like volume. This was not a good product. I hated it. It was very sticky, making it incredibly difficult to put it on and rub it in and not only that, it made me look like I had grey hairs and I was only 25 at the time! Luckily it was only $8 at the time so it wasn’t a total waste. It also didn’t volumise my hair.

Innoxa SOS Skin Tissue Oil: I used this quite alot on my mossie bites as I get scars with them but after half a bottle being used up, I haven’t noticed a single change. I’m a bit disappointed as I’d heard so many good things about this but it just didn’t work on me.

Kosmea Daily Facial Exfoliant: I received this to trial and I really don’t like it. The smell makes me a bit nauseous which is funny as it doesn’t really have a strong smell but I can’t bring myself to try it. So in all honesty, it may be a fabulous product but I just can’t use it. I wonder why I kept it around for so long really.

Stingoes Gel: I get attacked by mosquitoes so badly and I react really badly to them as well, so from about summer to autumn I carry Stingoes with me all the time. I might get the spray next time as the gel is quite messy but I’m throwing this one out as it’s expired and I will go out and buy a new one. I love this product though. It’s the only thing that helps with the itchiness.

Bactroban Cream: This is also related to mosquito bites. As I react really badly to them, I scratch and scratch and scratch and eventually they get infected so I go to the doctors and most just send me away but the last one gave me a prescription for this cream. OMG it worked a treat. They cleared up right away. This is another product that is being thrown out as it’s expired but if I get more infections, I will be going back to the doctor and asking for this.

Zovirax: I get cold sores maybe twice a year and I can never quite remember what the tingling feels like until it’s a little bit too late. But Zovirax is pretty awesome, although most of the time I get the chemist brand one which is cheaper and just as good. I have definitely noticed the difference between using it and not using it. This is also one being thrown out as it’s past it’s expiration date.

So now I’ve thrown out 21 out of the 50 products!

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