It’s (almost) Christmas Time

The decorations are now adorning the streets in the city, the Myer windows have been done for a few weeks now and stores are already starting to play Christmas Carols.

I’m not overly fussed about Christmas. It’s always been a very low key affair in my household. We have dinner on Christmas Eve, usually turkey and lamb with roast potatoes and salad with my parents, my sister and her finance and me and my boyfriend and this time for the first time in a long time, my nana. We watch a bit of the Carol’s by Candlelight, open the few presents and then head to bed.

I quite like it.

What I don’t like is the amount I have to spend. I say have to because I really do. I read in the Sunday Age on the weekend that the average person will purchase 16 gifts and spend almost $600 on them. Yup. $600. I know people who spend more but the thought of spending that much makes me feel sick. But it’s pretty accurate. I buy for my family so that’s mum, dad, nana, sister and her fiance. I buy for my boyfriend’s family so his mum, his dad, his two brothers and their girlfriends if they have them at the time. Then I buy for my boyfriend’s family friends as I spend Christmas Day with them and they cook a big meal for everyone. And then there is my old netball team KK and work KK. So I buy around 15 each Christmas.

I’ve started buying everything online and on sale. I just can’t afford to pay full price for everything. And there are some great discounts. I purchased some jewelry from the mimco website – a pair of earrings for $39 that were reduced from $189. Yup, that is a saving of $150. So you can do it cheap if you want to.

I also buy books as gifts and have purchased Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals for my mama from the Book Depository which cost me $24 with free shipping (most stores are selling it for around $40).

The problem with buying online is that you need to be organised. I try not to buy anything after the 10th December because sometimes you just can not guarantee that it will arrive in time, so be prepared!

There are so many good sales but the thing you do have to be careful of is that alot won’t accept returns or exchanges so double check as some stores change their policy during Christmas and others don’t.

I do also hate presents at times because when I don’t actually want anything, I feel receiving presents is  a waste so this year, as I am looking to move out in the next few months (wish me luck for the auction on Saturday) I’ve asked for household stuff, including the Nicer Dicer, cutlery, tea towels, a mop and other odds and ends. Boring but useful I say!

What are you asking Santa for this year?

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One Response to It’s (almost) Christmas Time

  1. That dicer seems like it will come in handy. I’m not really asking for anything, but maybe a new Nikon camera will be nice. However, I feel I should put all my extra money into my new business as I am having a website being made right now and still need a logo made.

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