Too Much Going On!

I’m feeling very unsettled this past week. And stressed. How do I know this? Because I have my head splitting headaches, my throat is closing up and my skin is breaking out!

On Monday our receptionist took a voluntary redundancy so we’ve now lost another person in our team. Our call centre and reception position is now handled by two people; myself and one other person.

I’m not sure what the hell my company is thinking in offering redundancy to the receptionist yet demanding that it’s kept open and having one person at reception and one person in the call centre. They clearly have no idea how much more work it is and of course are offering absolutely no support or anything other than “its your job.” Um sorry, I didn’t apply for a part time receptionist job.” So now I’m in the process of speaking with Fair Work Australia because I want to know what I can legally argue against.

So there’s that.

I’m also about 2 days from potentially buying a house and everything has fallen on me to sort out as my partner does shift work and can’t make calls or email during work time. I’ve had to find a conveyer and building inspector within about 2 days because I’ve only just gotten a contract for a place that is going for auction on Saturday. As a first time buyer, there is a lot to consider that I hadn’t even thought of before!

I just feel so yucky because everything is up in the air at the moment and nothing is set. I like knowing what’s ahead. I’m not one of those people who likes uncertainty. I mean, I can cope with change really well but only once I know what I’m heading towards. I have no idea if I’ll be studying next year, moving, where I’ll be working and so it’s hard to plan anything really.

I just want this month to be over so I can chill and be certain of what’s happening!

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I'm Valentina. And I'm pretty awesome!
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