One Lovely Blog/Blog of the Year 2012

Thank you to Sparkley Pink Lemons for the nomination, whose blog I love for all those nutritional elements as well as craft projects that inspire me to do something even though I never end up doing them!

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1. What are you good at?

Sleeping, eating and wasting time! But I’m also good at listening to people, giving advice, being an awesome friend and an even more awesome girlfriend.

2. If you traveled to any place you love, what one person would you take?

My boyfriend of course. Although he at times annoys me, we know to give each other space and everything works out fine.

3. What kind of people do you prefer?

I tend to gravitate towards really loud people which is strange as I’m more on the quiet side but I don’t mind what people are like as long as they are kind, caring, honest and able to literally talk about anything and everything.

4. Your favorite food?

My favourite meal is breakfast (mmm poached eggs) but my favourite foods are oysters, prawns, avocado and steak

5. Your favorite animal?

Definitely dogs. My puppy is just too super cute!

6. Book you like?

Well, I was just given a book which is about My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding tv show so that’s my favourite at the moment! But I do like reading memoirs over fiction.

7. What do you think about negative people?

I don’t mind them in small doses as if I’m feeling down, it’s nice being with someone who wants their life to be worse than yours as it puts your own life into perspective about how petty whatever you’re complaining about is, but in the long term, very very time consuming, repetitive and draining.

My nominations –

A Simple Southern Life – Fashion, Fitness and Food. Definitely where I head when I need a bit of workout motivation.

Raising My Rainbow – A beautiful account of a mother raising her gender independent son.

No Fries for 365 – One mans’ adventure of fitness, nutrition and general health.

She’s in the Sky – Music, reviews and general ramblings (ramblings in the nicest, possible way)

For the full listing of rules, click here.

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I'm Valentina. And I'm pretty awesome!
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