Christmas Presents

My partner and I were very spoiled with presents this Christmas. Nearly everything was for the house which was lovely and helpful as I’d hate to think how people who have to do all this themselves afford it. On that same note, buying a house right before Christmas is a brilliant idea if you are a first time mover and don’t have alot of stuff.

Below is a selection of what we received.


Country Road mugs, bowls and serving bowls – 6 of each!


Salt & Pepper Alarm Clock and Salad bowl and servers.


Stanley Rogers Cutlery 42 piece set for 6.


Russell Hobbs Kettle.


Russell Hobbs Toaster.


Baking Dishes, Tongs, Measuring Cups, Drainer,, Pizza Cutters etc


Russell Hobbs Pots and Pans

We also received a few gift cards which will help once we’ve moved in and realise we don’t have whatever it is we need.

I hope all of you out there had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying time with family and friends. Because honestly, that’s the most important!

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2 Responses to Christmas Presents

  1. What’s the salt n pepper alarm clock? Looks like you guys got a lot of nice things for your house! We did as well 🙂

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