Product Review: Oil Cleansing Method (OCM) Pre-review

I’ve been reading up alot about OCM and posted a quick outline here!

So my castor oil finally arrived last night and so I used the OCM. I’d been using just extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) for the past 4 nights and didn’t notice a heap of improvement other than my skin was really moisturised and I didn’t need to use any moisturiser after cleansing or in the morning. I did also notice that an under the skin blemish was forming the night I started using EVOO and it’s pretty much gone which generally doesn’t happen this quick.

Last night I tried it with a mix of castor oil and EVOO and I’m not sure if I was just desperate to see a difference but I think I did. I noticed that the gunk in my pores was coming out and was wiping away with my facial towel. My skin felt a little dryer than with just the evoo but that’s to be expected as castor oil is drying but I still didn’t need moisturiser. I used about 30% castor oil to 70% evoo as my skin can be quite oily but it’s important to experiment with the ratios to make sure it suits your own skin.

I’m looking forward to use it continuously and see if it really makes a difference to my skin. I really am desperate to find something that is natural that works!

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