Gifts are Great… You Know, Until You Receive a Bunch of Shit You Don’t Want!

Whilst I don’t want to seem ungrateful (because I’m not) one of the most frustrating things about buying a new place and receiving gifts is that you don’t get the chance to choose them yourself. I know, I know. Picking things out yourself completely defeats the purpose of receiving gifts but when it’s something like your home, you want to make it personal and you want to pick things that you want. We’ve received some really lovely gifts – beautiful things yet things that I wouldn’t pick for myself. It makes it difficult because of course I’m going to have to display/use everything we’ve been given at least for the first few months. And we just keep receiving things. I’ve asked everyone to stop because it’s getting to the point that we have so much stuff and we haven’t even moved in yet and I’m already having to sort through the stuff that will be living in the back of a cupboard.

Another frustrating thing is that everyone who has given us anything seems to think they now have a say in how the place is decorated, what goes where, what sort of furniture we should choose etc. I just want to be able to purchase the rest of the things we actually need with my partner and that’s all. I know everyone has our best interests at heart but seriously, just let us buy some things on our own without those disapproving frowns on your face because we’d rather buy cheap shit as we know it’s going to get ruined over a $4000 couch!

Having said that, buying a new place right before Christmas is awesome!

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I'm Valentina. And I'm pretty awesome!
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