Project 50 Pan – 8 More Down

So I’ve thrown a few more products out which is nice however my stash hasn’t really decreased as I received a whole bunch of stuff for Christmas so I feel like I’m back at the start but here are some products I finished/am chucking out.


Invisible Zinc SPF 30 UVA+ UVB: I love this zinc so much. And am very disappointed that it’s finished as I have a Neutrogena sunscreen that I don’t love as much. The zinc is fantastic, it feels great on my skin and I don’t feel as if I’m sweating it off like I do with sunscreen. It sticks and works great as a primer as well. Will definitely be purchasing again.

Nude by Nature Bronzer: This came as part of one of the Nude By Nature packs I bought and honestly, I don’t really use bronzer all that much and I don’t particularly love this one either so although it’s nearly full, it’s being chucked for taking up valuable space!

Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Designer Precious Gold: I bought this a while back and although got great use out of it at the start, it’s been sitting in my make up bag for a long long time. It’s time to chuck it really! I did like the product itself but I’m much more likely to use a thin layer of eyeshadow as eyeliner instead of an actual pencil as I prefer the look of it more.

Shanga Russett Eyeshadow: This came as part of a beauty box that I used to subscribe to. It’s a nice colour but one that doesn’t really suit me and I find the powder to be really messy. I find I have to do my eyes first before my base as it just gets everywhere.

Puretopia Glowing Smooth Exfoliating and Renewing Body Polish: I used this simply to use. I also received it in a beauty box and I didn’t love it but felt I should keep it and use it. It doesn’t particularly do anything for me as since I’ve started Body Brushing I haven’t had the need to exfoliate my legs. But I used it all. I didn’t really like the feel of it, or the smell, or the fact that it just made my shower floor a complete mess and very slippery.

Colgate Neutrafluor 5000 Plus: I was given this toothpaste from my dental hygienist as I need more fluoride than that’s provided in normal toothpaste. I quite like it but with this one (and with all toothpastes really) you are not meant to rinse your mouth – just keep spitting until you run out of toothpaste in your mouth. It’s weird but seems to keep your mouth feeling more clean.


Deluxe Body Cream and Triple Milled Soap White Flower: I received these as gifts for Christmas and whilst I do love the feel of the moisturiser, I can not stand the smell. It made me feel so sick and dizzy that I had to wash it off immediately and lie down. If you can’t handle sickly sweet heavily scented products, I’d advise to stay away! But if you don’t mind that, it’s a lovely feeling product. I didn’t try the soap but I thought I’d better throw it in case I get the same feeling.

So now I’ve thrown out 31 out of 50 products!

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