OCM – One Month Later

I’ve been using this method for about a month now and I honestly could not be happier with the results.

Today was the first time since I used ProActive in 2010 that I went to work with no make up on. Well I lie, I had mascara on and a very light powder but barely any. My skin still isn’t perfect and really, there’s not much I can do about that. Once pores are open and once you have scars on your face there really isn’t much you can do that’s not chemically treated which I would like to stay away from as long as possible.

One of the great benefits of this is that I no longer need to use so many products. In the morning for my base I would cleanse, tone, sunscreen, moisturise, prime, put tinted moisturiser then setting powder, or foundation and setting powder. I’ve reduced that to wash my face in hot water, sunscreen, powder. That’s it. At night time I used to cleanse, sometimes exfoliate, tone, night cream, serum (occasionally) and eye cream. Now all I do is use the OCM (click here if you have no idea what I’m talking about) and put on eye cream. Admittedly the OCM  can be time consuming and if you are not doing it in the shower or heating the water in a kettle it can waste a lot of water. I do think it’s probably the best results I’ve seen for anything I’ve tried so far though. I love the fact that it’s natural and I love the fact that I don’t have to buy so many products anymore because my new place (when I eventually move in) has very little storage and I won’t have a bathroom to myself anymore.

I strongly recommend trying it if you are looking for a pretty much completely natural routine. The first week my skin went haywire because I wasn’t getting the ratio right and I imagine once I mix up a new batch it’ll go haywire again as I kept adding Castor Oil to the mix without measuring it. So it’ll be a bit of trial and error again but once that had settled, everything felt cleaner and better moisturised.

I’ve also been using a baking soda and honey scrub to exfoliate once a week and have proceeded to throw out pretty much all the scrubs I own – which were alot. Unfortunately I did this in a haste and didn’t get a photo of them for my Project 50 Pan but oh well.

Anyway, my point is that OCM is awesome and you should try it!!

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3 Responses to OCM – One Month Later

  1. My skin has been a bit haywire lately as well, think its because of not enough fruits and veggies but too much processed stuff. Where at in the store do you find the oil? That natural scrub sounds really nice. I have some all natural walnut scrub I have been using that is almost gone, perhaps I will try the honey and baking soda.

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