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Too Much Going On!

I’m feeling very unsettled this past week. And stressed. How do I know this? Because I have my head splitting headaches, my throat is closing up and my skin is breaking out! On Monday our receptionist took a voluntary redundancy … Continue reading

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I really hate complaints. A student of ours called up today to say that she hasn’t been notified of a course she was enrolled in. To cut a long story short, she was enrolled into a course that was cancelled, … Continue reading

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Sometimes I really hate my job. And I don’t mean the office politics or what I actually do (even though I do hate it). Generally what I hate about my job is dealing with international students or students who don’t … Continue reading

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Frustrating Monday

Unfortunately today’s Happy Monday is replaced with Frustrated Monday. I cannot believe how angry I am to be at work today. We’re short staffed again which is not unusual. Yet despite being short staffed, a staff member was still sent … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts

Today has been so random! But i’ve had some good news. I got accepted into Uni again. I originally applied for a Masters in Health Promotion and wasn’t successful as a CSP student (where the government pays for part of … Continue reading

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Bad Customer Service isn’t always our fault

I work in customer service. I have all my life. I’ve worked as a staff member at the Plaster Fun House, I’ve worked as a waitress at the Pancake Parlour, I’ve worked at Cotton On as a retail sales assistant, … Continue reading

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I feel like things aren’t quite working anymore. I’m not liking work at the moment. I feel like i get told off for things that everyone does. things like talking when someone is on the phone, yet someone can stand … Continue reading

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